Here’s a sample of the applications we have developed (click on image to enlarge):

CarryATV - is an application that allows organisations to stream live video onto a mobile phone. Mobile TV application
Shopping solution – this is a virtual shop where products can be purchased by simply scanning a QR code using your phone. This is a solution we built specifically for a client that will make it available to their customers. Virtual shop
Electricity meter reading – this application is for an electricity company to assign jobs to field staff who can then input data and even capture images of readings they do onsite. Electricity meter reading app
4GKO – This app was built for 4G phone users to test the real bandwidth they are able to achieve on their 4G network. The app does a speed test in regular intervals through your phone and then aggregates this data onto visual Google maps. 4GKO - test actual bandwidth of 4G networks
We have a number of other applications currently in use and being developed. For instance we have an insurance company using an app we built for them to assign assessors with jobs and allow them to capture images of the damage that then gets approved live by a remote manager. Quotes and checks can then be written and settled on the spot.

We are also working on some really cool new apps currently. Some of these projects are bound by confidentiality so we can’t publish all this information on our site. But if you contact us, we can tell you more about areas that might be of interest to you.
For more about our mobile development practice, please read this page.