To be honest, we’ve never been huge fans of Windows ever since the day they started promising to fix all the bugs and missing features in the next version. And that was, what, as far as we can remember, really. So when that genius marketing company announced yet another version of Windows, we let out a collective yawn.

The thing with Windows is you can’t live with or without it. Our programmers talk about how helpful the development environment is. But some of our customers beg to differ.

Windows 8, however, has impressed us so far. Given we were sold over 2-3 years ago on the world bending towards mobility with tablets and smartphones, we wrote off the big giant as having missed yet another tectonic shift. But playing with W8, well, we might have to eat humble pie.

It’s intuitive, fast and slick. It brings the touch world into the working world relatively neatly. There’s a lot more work to be done, but it looks promising. So far the Windows 8 tablet has resulted in us pushing our Ice cream sandwich devices and that ancient iPad technology aside. It’s early days yet, but definitely a space to watch.

Here’s a good review of the cool stuff in Windows 8 from Wired: