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Gartner confirms the world shift towards mobiles

Over two years ago we made a strategic decision to focus our company on the mobile (as in smart-phones and tablets) computing platform because we saw this as an exciting and major area of growth.

We are happy to say that we are now right in the middle of this incredibly exciting wave. So it’s good […]

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Here’s some good advice on how to choose your next Android phone

With so much choice in the Android phone market, unlike the iPhone and Windows phones, it’s not easy to know which one to get. This article gives you some good guidelines to help you make the decision. Click here for more.

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Google Tasks on your desktop – life saver!

For years now I have been a big fan and user of Google Tasks which allows you to manage your To Do list and have¬† one updated list on all your computers, your mobile phone and tablet! I use GTasks on my tablet to get access to my list, but on my desktop it […]

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Using Google Analytics to increase your web traffic

Google Analytics is a great tool for analysing your website audience and performance. The service now offers something called Advanced Segments which you can use to get a more indepth understanding of what is happening.
Here’s a great article with some helpful tips on how to do this : […]

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Making Google+ work for your business

Google+ is an important element in the search landscape especially if you are a business. It’s important to integrate this medium into your marketing.
Here’s a great article with some helpful tips on how to do this: […]

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Should your marketing or customer service team lead your social media?

A big question in many organisations is whether your marketing or customer service department should lead your social media activities. Here’s a good point of view on that.

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Managing the risks of social media

While we constantly promote the benefits of social media and the need to be on top of it for business reasons, you also need to manage the risks. Risks include everything from negative publicity to liability for things that might be said by your staff or even third parties. There’s some good guidance in […]

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The latest facts & figures from the smartphone revolution

Our world and society is changing and this change is going to have an impact on your business.

Here are some interesting facts and figures from recent market research published by research firms Gartner, the Yankee Group, The Economist magazine, and other global studies:

Smartphone shipments will out-number PC sales this year. About 350m desktop and […]

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Social media and smartphone use

A recent study about social media and smartphones has some very interesting findings:
* One-third the developed world has moved to smartphones
* 66% of Europeans use their smartphones to visit social media sites
* Social media is having a positive impact on corporate brand awareness as word of mouth spreads quicker and easier
Key take […]

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Spending on Social Media to Increase but Integration to Overall Strategy Still Lacking | Social Media Today

Advertising spending on social media to increase 9.1% but companies yet to fully integrate into marketing strategy. Doing the latter will result in the biggest return on investment.

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