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Gartner confirms the world shift towards mobiles

Over two years ago we made a strategic decision to focus our company on the mobile (as in smart-phones and tablets) computing platform because we saw this as an exciting and major area of growth.

We are happy to say that we are now right in the middle of this incredibly exciting wave. So it’s good […]

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Here’s some good advice on how to choose your next Android phone

With so much choice in the Android phone market, unlike the iPhone and Windows phones, it’s not easy to know which one to get. This article gives you some good guidelines to help you make the decision. Click here for more.

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Should you get the new iPad for your business

The new iPad has a some neat new additions, but nothing that says it’s a must for a business. The faster Internet connectivity through 4G will not be available in Australia for some time thanks to Telstra’s network being on a different frequency from that of the US. So unless you are in the […]

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Handwriting recognition finally to appear on Android

We hear from at the annual mobile phone conference in Barcelona that Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab 10.1 will incorporate handwriting recognition and include a stylus.
This is well overdue if you ask us. We remember having this functionality in old Windows mobile phones and we loved the feature. We just found it hard to […]

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Managing the risks of social media

While we constantly promote the benefits of social media and the need to be on top of it for business reasons, you also need to manage the risks. Risks include everything from negative publicity to liability for things that might be said by your staff or even third parties. There’s some good guidance in […]

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How a technical tsunami wiped out Kodak

Changing technology can wipe out existing business models like a flash flood. We said it here before that unless your business strategy and model adapts to the times, your entire industry could go from riches to rags. This is what happened to Kodak, thanks to digital photography and smartphones. Instead of embracing the changes […]

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Smartphone overkill – when all the comms gets a bit much

Here’s a great article of the impact smartphones are having on the knowledge worker outside the work place. There is some good guidance in here on when it is a bit much and what the etiquette should be. Highly recommended read.

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Android 4 – detailed review of the next version of this OS

For a detailed look at what Google’s next version of the Android operating system (v4.0) has in store, read this InfoWorld review of the Google Nexus phone. Beware that InfoWorld is a bit partial to the Apple iPhone and as such the author compares the Android OS to iOS quite a bit, sometimes inappropriately […]

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Which mobile is best: IOS5, Android 4, Windows 7.5 or Blackberry OS7

InfoWorld say they find the Apple 4S the best due to the operating system, the ecosystem and the Siri voice recognition. We beg to defer. We find Siri to be rather dumb and frustrating unless you have an American accent; the ecosystem to be good, but expensive; the hardware to be average and the […]

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