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64m tablets to be sold this year, says Gartner

Research group Gartner expects 64 million tablets to be sold this year and three-fourths of them will be Apple iPads.

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Social media and smartphone use

A recent study about social media and smartphones has some very interesting findings:
* One-third the developed world has moved to smartphones
* 66% of Europeans use their smartphones to visit social media sites
* Social media is having a positive impact on corporate brand awareness as word of mouth spreads quicker and easier
Key take […]

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Spending on Social Media to Increase but Integration to Overall Strategy Still Lacking | Social Media Today

Advertising spending on social media to increase 9.1% but companies yet to fully integrate into marketing strategy. Doing the latter will result in the biggest return on investment.

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Social media campaigns and methods that work

This article in FastCompany provides some great guidance and methods to carry out effective social media campaigns.

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Is your business catering to the always online?


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Social media is going mobile

Published on Social Media Today
-Research shows that one-third (33 %) of the Facebook postings are mobile
-Americans spend nearly 2.7 hours per day connected to the mobile Web, and a vast majority of their time goes into social networking with mobile phones
-Mobile users tend to be more ‘social’ than the traditional desktop users. […]

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Aussies lead smartphone revolution

Here’s more proof of smartphones outpacing the personal computer industry and Australians are at the front of this major tidal wave. It also appears that over 80% of company websites are not optimised for this mobile revolution – time to get you front yard in order?

This artilce was published in the Sydney Morning Herald […]

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Tablets in Australia to pass 1m soon

An article in the Sydney Morning Herald quotes Telsyte (research company) estimating that as at June 30 700,000 tablets had been purchased by Australians. By year’s end it expects this to reach 1.5 million tablets.

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Android out sells iPhones in Australia

According to research published in the Sydney Morning Herald, in the past 12 weeks, Android phones have outsold iPhones in Australia by about 5.2%, accounting for 42.9% of sales.

This does not come as a surprise to us as more people who were drawn to smartphones by iPhone’s amazing marketing are now realising the value […]

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Somethings are much better in electronic format – the death of the roadmap

As mentioned regularly in these posts, the advent of mobile technology is making certain traditional businesses extinct. Here’s the latest species to find its way to a museum – the Sydney road map that used to be a standard accessory in all cars in Sydney. Thanks to electronic maps on mobile devices, the map […]

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