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Gartner confirms the world shift towards mobiles

Over two years ago we made a strategic decision to focus our company on the mobile (as in smart-phones and tablets) computing platform because we saw this as an exciting and major area of growth.

We are happy to say that we are now right in the middle of this incredibly exciting wave. So it’s good […]

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Google Tasks on your desktop – life saver!

For years now I have been a big fan and user of Google Tasks which allows you to manage your To Do list and have¬† one updated list on all your computers, your mobile phone and tablet! I use GTasks on my tablet to get access to my list, but on my desktop it […]

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Handwriting recognition finally to appear on Android

We hear from at the annual mobile phone conference in Barcelona that Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab 10.1 will incorporate handwriting recognition and include a stylus.
This is well overdue if you ask us. We remember having this functionality in old Windows mobile phones and we loved the feature. We just found it hard to […]

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Virtual store fronts while you wait for public transport

What will they think of next. Now you can do your grocery shopping, including impulse buying at the check out line, by simply holding up your smartphone and pointing it at a bar code displayed on a billboard at your bus or train stop. Who said the smartphone will not change your life?

Read more…

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Social media and smartphone use

A recent study about social media and smartphones has some very interesting findings:
* One-third the developed world has moved to smartphones
* 66% of Europeans use their smartphones to visit social media sites
* Social media is having a positive impact on corporate brand awareness as word of mouth spreads quicker and easier
Key take […]

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Social media campaigns and methods that work

This article in FastCompany provides some great guidance and methods to carry out effective social media campaigns.

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Retail – how to move from bicks to online

Here’s a thought – given that the retail sector is hurting as the world teeters on a loss of confidence, thanks to all those greedy bankers, why not ask yourself if you can convert all your bricks and mortar customers to online customers.
And here’s how. If you are in retail and already have customers […]

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Using social networking tools to increase learning

Find out how you can use social networks to assist with your continously education. Read article: Click here


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How social networking changed this company inside out

Shopify set up a Twitter-like system for employees to get recognised and it’s changed the way they work. This article was published on the Fast Company web site.
Using Social Media To Improve Employee Communication, Collaboration, And Even Compensation […]

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Mobile payments – the next big battleground

As mobile phones (smart and not so smart) become the one accessory that you don’t leave the house without, they are finally heading towards replacing our wallets – something we predicted would happen as far back as 10 years ago… This is the latest battle ground. Start asking yourself how your business can benefit […]

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