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Search engines and email trump Facebook & Twitter for customer acquisition

A report from Custora shows that contrary to the mantras repeated by the new age management consultants, traditional email and search engines are more effective in acquiring new customers compared to Facebook and Twitter social networks.

Check this chart out (source: Custora): […]

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Getting the most out of outsourcing

CIOs and senior executives can get more out of outsourcing than dollar savings by ensuring they are managing their outsourcing well. A recent report by Forrester discusses this in some depth. Here’s a story about the report:

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Ok, so what of Windows 8? First impressions – not bad

To be honest, we’ve never been huge fans of Windows ever since the day they started promising to fix all the bugs and missing features in the next version. And that was, what, as far as we can remember, really. So when that genius marketing company announced yet another version of Windows, we let […]

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Gartner confirms the world shift towards mobiles

Over two years ago we made a strategic decision to focus our company on the mobile (as in smart-phones and tablets) computing platform because we saw this as an exciting and major area of growth.

We are happy to say that we are now right in the middle of this incredibly exciting wave. So it’s good […]

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Tablets begin to take over, proving to be a retailer’s dream

Nearly 3 million Aussies own a tablet with the annual growth rate last year being 33% and these tablet owners are proving to be better shoppers as they browse from their couches and are more prepared to make impulse purchases, according to new research from eMarketer. In fact tablet users have spent 20% more […]

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Mobile growth – 6.5bn subscribers now!

According to an article in, there is some phenomenal growth in mobile subscriptions around the world:

“By 2004, there were more mobile subscribers in the developing world than in developed countries, and the gap has been widening ever since. In 2012, Jana estimates that of the 6.5 billion mobile subscriptions on Earth, 5 billion […]

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Blackberry in a jam – future unclear

We saw this coming some time ago – the once great company that made the Blackberry phones, which appeared to be standard accessories included with every executive’s suit, is now struggling to figure out what it’s future will be.

It’s amazing how quickly giants can be humbled in this modern era of smartphones where the […]

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Come visit us at CeBit Sydney

We’ve got a stand at the CeBit show, Darling Harbour Convention Centre. Come by and say hey if you’re in the neighbourhood. It’s a good show. We’re in the Sri Lanka pavilion.

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Here’s some good advice on how to choose your next Android phone

With so much choice in the Android phone market, unlike the iPhone and Windows phones, it’s not easy to know which one to get. This article gives you some good guidelines to help you make the decision. Click here for more.

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Google Tasks on your desktop – life saver!

For years now I have been a big fan and user of Google Tasks which allows you to manage your To Do list and have¬† one updated list on all your computers, your mobile phone and tablet! I use GTasks on my tablet to get access to my list, but on my desktop it […]

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